About Us

In business since 1987, Security National Master Holding Company, LLC , the “Company”, delivers quick, flexible, one-stop solutions for sellers and owners of loans and real estate and executes on personalized and sustainable services for borrowers and tenants in all 50 states, while achieving fair risk-adjusted returns for the owners of the assets and their investors and shareholders.

Headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with its main loan servicing operational center located in Eureka, California, the Company has a servicing portfolio of over 26,000 residential, commercial, consumer and unsecured loans sourced from a wide variety of financial institutions, with a substantial portion in under-performing and non-performing residential mortgage loans.

Since its inception, the Company and its affiliates have acquired and serviced more than $7 billion in assets and over 70 commercial real estate properties. We specialize in re-performing seriously delinquent loans, including HUD/FHA, USDA and VA loans for investors. Our primary workout strategy is to re-perform the loans through payment plans and forbearance plans, allowing the borrower to keep their homes while creating the most value for clients. Our servicing approach has brought extraordinary success.

The primary Company affiliates are:

  • SN Servicing Corporation, “SNSC”, a Conforming and Special Servicer of residential, small balance commercial, consumer and unsecured loans.
  • SN Trading, LLC , is a wholly owned subsidiary of Security National Master Holding Company, LLC, opened in 2012, specializing in whole loan trading. SN’s long history of purchasing performing, sub-performing and non-performing loan allows the trading desk to take advantage of its whole loan expertise. SN Trading is an intermediary for clients looking to buy and sell whole loans.
  • Security National Properties Holding Company, LLC, “SN Properties”, an acquirer, manager and developer of larger balance commercial real estate assets.
  • SN Note Holding Company, LLC (“SN Note”), an acquirer of distressed assets.

Our History

  • Our auspicious journey began in 1987 when our founder, Robin P. Arkley II, purchased the mortgage loan portfolio of a failed financial institution in Anchorage, Alaska. Initially, our business centered around the acquisition of distressed assets from government entities. Since then, we have expanded into the private sector and broadened the scope of our loan acquisitions, purchasing from banks, mortgage originators, investment companies and individuals.
  • In 1996, we opened Security National Properties, a commercial real estate company that specializes in the acquisition, development and management of office and retail properties.
  • In 1998, we issued our first bond securitization, providing investors an opportunity to participate in pools of performing assets.
  • For 20 years, SN successfully acquired nearly 200,000 performing and non-performing loans, providing solutions to borrowers to resolve delinquencies, and liquidating the assets. SN performed all aspects of servicing from boarding, collections, escrow, insurance, loss mitigation, foreclosure, bankruptcy, property preservation, reo sales, etc. - and continues to do so today. When the financial crisis first struck in 2007, the Securitization market collapsed. SN responded to the changing market conditions by changing its business model to service for other parties. Today, SN is proud to offer full servicing to its clients using the same business processes that made SN so successful. SN has brought a resolution to nearly 100,000 loans since offering servicing for others.
  • Today, the Company manages a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial assets as well as a select group of non-real estate loans. We anticipate continued growth as a result of our success in procuring new portfolios, effectively managing our assets and strategically diversifying into related business activities.

Our Management Team:

Our management team is a group of talented professionals who bring extensive experience, personal integrity and a commitment to the highest quality service to every transaction, every partner and every customer with whom they work.

Robin P. Arkley II - President

Matt DeiblerChief Operating Officer / Chief Technical Officer

Bill FoglemanLegal Department Supervisor