Helpful Loan Information

If you're like most of us, your home is the most important possession you own. At SN Servicing Corporation, we know how important it is that your home loan be handled properly and efficiently. Following is some helpful information about payments, escrow and insurance. You may also want to visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed information on these and other topics.


You may make your monthly loan payment either by mail or online whichever is most convenient for you.

Pay Online – Never be late making a payment again! Use automated payments to schedule recurring payments.
Payments can be scheduled one-time or recurring at no charge.

You may now make your payments online directly from your checking account, any time of the day or night. To make an online payment, you must first register to access our password-protected area, My Loan Info. After you register, you just login to My Loan Info and select “Make Payment Online.”

Pay by Mail - Payment information and our mailing address are provided on your monthly billing statement. If you cannot locate your billing statement or have not received one, you can call our Customer Service department at (800) 603-0836.

Credit for your payment will be given on the day it is received at our lockbox. Please allow sufficient time for the payment to reach us ahead of the due date disclosed on your Note and monthly statement.

Late charges are assessed in accordance with your note if payment is not received within the specified number of grace days. It is always a good idea to keep records of payments made including canceled checks or bank account statements.

Please allow 24-72 hours for payments to be credited to your account.

Escrow Accounts

In some cases, a servicer or lender will set up an "escrow" account into which the borrower pays money to cover property taxes and/or homeowners' insurance. If you had an escrow account with your prior lender, please be certain that any statement received contains an escrow amount in accordance with your experience and expectations and notify us immediately of any discrepancies.

If you do not have an escrow account, you are responsible for paying your taxes and insurance.


For your protection as well as ours, insurance is required on your property. As noted in your Welcome Letter, the conditions of your mortgage require you to maintain a hazard insurance policy and provide us with evidence of coverage. If you have not contacted your insurance representative and asked them to fax over proof of your insurance coverage, please do so immediately.

The policy must list the correct mortgagee clause information, which includes our address and fax number as shown below, the effective date and coverage amounts.

The mortgagee clause must read as follows:

  • SN Servicing Corporation
  • P.O. Box 35
  • Eureka, CA 95502

If we do not receive evidence of acceptable hazard insurance, SN Servicing Corporation has the right to secure insurance coverage on your behalf. This replacement insurance only covers the "unpaid principal balance" of your loan. The coverage is limited to physical damage to the structure. Supplemental coverage, such as liability coverage or personal contents are NOT included in this policy.

Please be aware that the premiums and the deductible may be higher than on a private policy.